Leader dans les produits pour désinfestations!

Thanks to the long experience of IGIENCONTROL was born EUROIGIENE.


EUROIGIENE was founded in 2000 from the thirty-years experience in the field of environmental hygiene of Igiencontrol, who feels the need to create and propose solutions and quality products that have as their primary objective the "risk reduction" for environment and operators.

Paying attention to raw materials, the company convinces thanks to product quality and after-sale technical support.


Among the first makers of deterrents for birds, it designs, manufactures and markets products for professional pest-control: solid or gel bait dispensers, paste and multi-catch traps, bait box to protect the traps, pigeon deterrents, pest control complements and many more.

Everything can be customized with your company logo.

Specializing in pheromone traps, the company offers a complete range, unique in its kind, that ensures the effectiveness for three months.

Flyflex meets all these requirements and is adaptable to all artifacts and surfaces: like cornices, gutters, or an edge of a window.


Fly Flex shows its insuperability on the field, thanks to the guarantee of a product made by EUROIGIENE.